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VeloceBio LLC was established in 2013 by James A. Lederer, PhD as a company to develop and manufacture custom biomarker assays.   The founder is an immunologist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School.  His research work focuses on the effects of traumatic injuries on the immune system.   An overview of his research work can be found here on the Harvard Catalyst Website.


The company was named VeloceBio because veloce is an Italian word meaning rapid or rapidly in reference to sports cars.   Using multiplex approaches to measure analytes is not only more rapid than ELISA, but much more efficient. 


The goal of VeloceBio is to help academic and biotech research groups to develop their own multiplex assays for basic and clinical research applications.   VeloceBio will work with research groups to develop custom assay panels to measure cytokines and other related protein biomarkers.  These assays can be used for discovery and diagnostic research.

A Powerpoint presentation with more information about custom Luminex assay development can be found