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Our Aim 

VeloceBio is a collaborative biomarker assay development company that was established to help academic and biotech research groups develop custom “in-house” multiplex bead-based biomarker assays. Our strategy is to work collaboratively with groups to design, develop, test, and validate multiplex immunoassays to be used for basic and clinical research applications.

Bead-Based Multiplex Assay Principles and Advantages
The principle of bead-based multiplex assay centers on using beads with specific fluorescent or molecular signatures. Specific binding assays can be built on these nanoparticle-sized beads and when assays are multiplex, it is then possible to identify each specific assay by its known signature. Theoretically, any type of liquefied biological sample can be tested for biomarker levels using bead-based assays.   Assays can be multiplexed to efficiently collect quantitative data from small volumes (2-50 microL) of biological samples.   Examples of biological samples that we have worked with include serum, plasma, culture supernatants, lavage fluids, tissue extracts, and tears.
Though several companies make beads for multiplex assays, we found the Luminex xMAP assay platform to be versatile for custom assay development.   A full description of the Luminex xMAP technologies can be found at the Luminex website. 

If you currently use Luminex, we can help you enhance your basic and clinical research program by developing custom multiplex bead assays specific to your project aims. Our primary expertise is with immunoassay development for human and mouse cytokines and related molecules. However, we are expanding our assay development to include inflammatory disease and toxicity biomarkers as well as antigen-specific antibody detection assays that are useful for vaccine studies or auto-antibody detection. We can rapidly help customize your in-house needs using our established assays and can help you build your own custom assays.
Accelerate and Expand your Research Program with VeloceBio
Having VeloceBio build your custom in-house multiplexing assays can help you expand your research potential by allowing you to measure unique biomarkers that are not commercially available.  We can also collaborate and consult with you on the development of biomarker assays for clinical diagnostics. Most importantly, having VeloceBio work with you to develop your own in-house custom multiplex bead assay panels can provide you with significant flexibility and cost-saving benefit for your research program.